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Meet Frankie J Banks

Frankie, an Australian artist based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, received her Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art. In her earlier works, she manipulated shape, dimension, colour and purpose, awakening the viewer to understand different and challenging perspectives and how they can affect memory. After the birth of her daughter, Frankie was inspired to further explore the numerous facets of her evolving identity and artistic expression. Forever seeking to be unique, she constantly strives to discover new ways of mark making and developing alternate techniques. Today, Frankie challenges the notion of traditional brush painting methods as she manipulates and exploits the idea of using conventional tools.

Her latest collection of works is performed in the environment they are depicting. Banks selects a palette that reflects the vivid colours of each location and uses her hair to arouse the emotional vibe, movement and drama of the scene. The ever-changing characteristics of nature mean that Frankie is challenged to hasten the production so as not to lose the moment of that snapshot of life; “If I paint at dawn or dusk, I have to be quick”. This whole process is captured through film, becoming part of the artwork itself and allowing the audience to experience the uniqueness of the process and the moment of creation.

frankie j banks australian artist

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